WHY should we act?

For many of us, only a few weeks ago, the idea that a well-connected children’s programme presenter and charity “worker”, with seemingly unrestricted access to the most vulnerable, and needy in our community, could have been a child abuser (and possibly worse)’ would   have been unthinkable.

Yet, we are now all realising that it is likely that Jimmy Savile was indeed one of the worst serial predatory child abusers ever to be exposed in this country. It also seems that he may be just the tip of the iceberg.

We have all been children; many of us are parents. The horror of what victims of child abuse face is all of our worst nightmares rolled into one.

That is why we propose each of us takes action. None of us want for this to happen any longer. To ANY child.

What can you do?

Join with us to appeal for the truth about child abuse to be exposed. No more hiding behind lawyers or celebrity or money or power. We want those responsible for abusing our children brought to justice.

It is very easy, and cheap. All you need to do is send an In Sympathy or any other suitable greetings card with one of our messages (or your own) to one or both of the addresses below: 10 Downing Street and BBC Complaints

We do not wish for anyone to sink to the depths of law breaking. We do not want anyone to be hurt. We don’t want protests, in the streets or anywhere else. We need to take non-violent direct action in such a way that all of our voices together cannot be ignored or brushed under the carpet.


We have decided that the most appropriate time for the influx of greetings card from all across the UK (and abroad for anyone else concerned about this heinous problem) is from Remembrance Sunday (11th November) and during Children in Need week, preferably aiming for cards to arrive between Saturday 10th and 16th November , which is the date of the televised CIN appeal.

Who do you send your card(s) to?

We believe that the BBC, as the organisation to whom the British populace pays a TV licence:
* has a duty of care to the public
* has historically been seen as a source for trusted investigative journalism
* is one of those organisations named in the Savile allegations
* as the organiser of the Children In Need appeal
is one deserving recipient of these cards. Via the BBC Complaints department.

The other recipient is our Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing Street.

if you can send two cards, one to each address, please do.

BBC Complaints Department
PO Box 1922

David Cameron
10 Downing Street

We feel that is is an individual’s choice whether to sign the card with yr name and address. If you do so, please let us know of any response from No 10 or the BBC, thanks,

How will you make a difference?

Both the BBC Complaints department and Number 10 have to open all these cards. Both organisations are required to log all correspondence.

By the simple action of sending a greetings card, your feelings about child abuse will be noticed.

Whether the avalanche of cards will change policy, (either broadcasting or political) is unknown; but you will know that for less than £2 and a trip to the letter box, you have taken direct action.You will have stated to this Government and our national publicly-funded broadcaster that you care what is happening to our children and that you want it investigated so that those responsible are dealt with by the justice system. And that the people of this country want an end to child abuse.

By telling everyone in your network- family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, schools, even strangers on the bus – to join in this peaceful action, we can ensure that the strength of feeling on this issue cannot be ignored.

Use the hashtag #c4j (cards for justice) and please take a photo of your message(s) and/or your card(s) being posted and post online to show your public support, if you are happy to do so.

 JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE – https://www.facebook.com/groups/491440297553397/

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Suggested Wording for Cards

We do not wish for anyone to sink to the depths of law breaking. We do not want anyone to be hurt. We don’t want protests, in the streets or anywhere else. Please remember for this campaign to be successful, please do not resort to sending cards that are abusive, libellous or offensive, this is a peaceful non-violent direct action campaign

In Sympathy cards, example:

Sad that justice for abused children is passed over, hidden. We want their stories heard in public. And convictions.

Age Related Birthday cards, example:

Children are abused at this age. Disbelieved. Unheard. Driven to despair, destitution, suicide. Justice for victims. NOW.

Other examples: Get Well Soon Cards, Father’s Day Cards, Mother’s Cards….

Remove all D notices from child abuse cases NOW. Whoever the abusers are, they MUST be stopped and punished. And lessons learned.

No-one should be protected from a child abuse allegation or conviction. Protect our children now. Re-open high-level cases and prosecute pls.

The Savile case has opened our eyes. Protect our children. Remove all D notices from abuse related cases and re-investigate pls.

Thousands of abused children need respect, a hearing, and real action NOW. No more cover ups. It is time to imprison the guilty. And for children to begin to heal.

Thousands of lives have been ruined by a few – child abusers. These people, whatever their position in society, must be punished. NOW.

Pls expose the depth of child abuse. Prosecute ALL involved, whoever they may be. Our children are more important than careers, money and power.

Protect our future generation. Expose child abuse of the past. Prosecute and punish ALL involved. No exceptions please.

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE – https://www.facebook.com/groups/491440297553397/


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