Suggested Wording for Cards

We do not wish for anyone to sink to the depths of law breaking. We do not want anyone to be hurt. We don’t want protests, in the streets or anywhere else. Please remember for this campaign to be successful, please do not resort to sending cards that are abusive, libellous or offensive, this is a peaceful non-violent direct action campaign

In Sympathy cards, example:

Sad that justice for abused children is passed over, hidden. We want their stories heard in public. And convictions.

Age Related Birthday cards, example:

Children are abused at this age. Disbelieved. Unheard. Driven to despair, destitution, suicide. Justice for victims. NOW.

Other examples: Get Well Soon Cards, Father’s Day Cards, Mother’s Cards….

Remove all D notices from child abuse cases NOW. Whoever the abusers are, they MUST be stopped and punished. And lessons learned.

No-one should be protected from a child abuse allegation or conviction. Protect our children now. Re-open high-level cases and prosecute pls.

The Savile case has opened our eyes. Protect our children. Remove all D notices from abuse related cases and re-investigate pls.

Thousands of abused children need respect, a hearing, and real action NOW. No more cover ups. It is time to imprison the guilty. And for children to begin to heal.

Thousands of lives have been ruined by a few – child abusers. These people, whatever their position in society, must be punished. NOW.

Pls expose the depth of child abuse. Prosecute ALL involved, whoever they may be. Our children are more important than careers, money and power.

Protect our future generation. Expose child abuse of the past. Prosecute and punish ALL involved. No exceptions please.



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9 Responses to Suggested Wording for Cards

  1. Pamela says:

    Hi, I think your ‘CardsForJustice’ campaign is a great idea & wanted to share it on Facebook to try & make others aware. However, when I click on the Facebook link it comes up as an error so I can’t post. Just thought I’d let you know I case others are having the same problem.

    • Hi Pamela,

      Many thanks for visiting the site! I will look into the facebook share button as you are right it seems not to be working at the moment. Hopefully i should be able to get it fixed soon! In the meantime, please copy and paste the link to our site into a Status update on Facebook to help us raise awareness!

  2. Shims says:

    I think this is a great idea. I have already written to the BBC on this topic and will be writing many more letters to many more recipients.

    We have masses and masses of questions.

    And we are getting way too few answers.

    I am staggered by the size of what we are uncovering. People are beginning to see that our institutions within the Social Services have been providing a permanent supply of children as sexual playthings to the rich and powerful FOR DECADES!

    We now realise that all of those care home scandals we remember regularly breaking across the decades were in fact ALL THE SAME ONE. This is a national scandal, and I cannot see that it could possibly be limited to the Social Services only. An operation of this size cannot be totally hidden.

    Politicians are being accused of using our care home system to entertain foreign dignitaries with sex with children, and the security services have been accused of using the care home system to photograph prominent people in sexual situations with children for long term blackmail and total political manipulation.

    This has been going on FOR DECADES and goes right to the top of our political structure.


    We need to continue to push in all directions and demand ANSWERS ANSWERS ANSWERS!

  3. Hi Shims, many thanks for your support and highlighting the fact that these are not isolated cases but are all connected! Lets keep connecting the dots and keep the pressure on as this has to stop!

    Please direct as many people as you can to this campaign as we need to show the powers that be that we won’t stand for this anymore!

    • john says:

      This is brilliant, well done! I’ll be sending a card to both recipients.

      • Jo says:

        This is such a good idea. I am getting more angry by the day about the level of child abuse and the high level cover ups. I’m going to be sending a “With Sympathy” card to the BBC, which says: “With deepest sympathy for your sad loss ….. the loss of respect and credibility from the British public”. I’m going to be sending a card with a picture of a poppy on to Downing Street, with the words “Why is the poppy chosen as the symbol of “rememberance, when the seeds make you forget? The child victims of sexual abuse will NEVER forget. The decent people in this country will not forget either. No more cover ups. ALL child abuse scandals MUST be investigated.” I’ve also e mailed Classcs FM, asking why they are still employing David Mellor. I feel a bit better. I will be getting friends and family to do likewise. Keep up the good work!

  4. Len says:

    Fantastic idea, will be participating for sure

  5. JusticeNow says:

    In light of much that has happened in recent days, I suspect there are any new messages to go in cards.

    Father’s day card to Cameron – protect the children. This is not a gay issue. Please stop muddying the waters and open criminal investigations NOW. What if it was yr child suffering?

    BBC – we understand yr plight, but it is MINOR to that of the children. Do not lose sight of the true victims. Report and investigate what is being done for justice for children pls.

  6. Anna says:

    Not a facebook or twitter fan. However would like to log 4 cards sent – probably delivered today.

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